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Warminster library to welcome novelist

(February 04, 2009)
Popular novelist, Swedish Marika Cobbold will be visiting Warminster library to talk about about her new novel 'Aphrodite's Workshop for Reluctant Lovers' about the quest for lasting passion.
Marika came to England after marrying a Royal Navy officer and settled in the neighbouring county of Hampshire to raise their two children.

She developed an interest in writing in her spare time and after the support of several distinguished literary figures launched her writing career.
It was at the age thirty-five when her novel 'Guppies for tea', a story about growing old and fighting back, was accepted for publication.
She says her latest book is part based on her own recent experiences and the triumph of hope over experience.

The Observer called her 'an exceptional novelist'.
Marika is described as having a very individual approach to human relationships, managing to combine a belief in love with a good measure of scepticism and a little comedy.

"In my more cod-philosophical moments I think of life as a very dirty mural," Marika says.
"All each of us can do is scrub away at our particular patch until gradually, a greater whole is exposed."
"For a writer, stories are the Mr Muscle in our quest for a clearer view. That's the thing, most writers don't have answers, just an awful lot of questions."

This visit offers an opportunity for aspiring writers and lovers of good writing to come and hear, as well as question, one of the rising stars in this field.
Other novels by Marika include 'The Purveyor of Enchantment'; 'Shooting Butterflies' and 'Frozen Music'.

Tickets for the evening on Thursday 12th February, at 7pm  include refreshments and cost just £3 each.
They are available from Warminster library and can be reserved by calling 01985 216022

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