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Quiz the roadshow over town's lack of cash

(February 05, 2009)
AN 'awareness' roadshow is coming to Warminster as the countdown to the biggest change in the way local communities are governed shortens writes Paul Macdonald.
There are just 56 days to go before the start of a new super council which locally will combine the services of the county council with that of West Wiltshire District Council.

The new Wiltshire Council starts life on 1 April  with one council providing all the major services sharing some of the minor tasks with the town council.
It has been spending months looking at how the move can save council tax payers money and cut the confusion of two tiers of local government.
Shadow area boards have already been meeting in Warminster under the chairmanship of local councillor Andrew Davis.
"This will be a good time to ask some questions and I would advise people to attend," said former county councillor Steve Dancey.
 "In particular people should ask why Warminster, with the highest rate of unemployment and the lowest proportion of graduates, will receive less money per capita for its area board than some other areas - because we do not have enough deprivation?"
Those charged with making the changes work are coming to Warminster library on Friday 13th at 11am for five hours to give a face to face explanation of their plans.

*The roadshow programme was the latest victim of the arctic weather as the first two exhibitions at Corsham and Melksham had to be postponed on Tuesday and yesterday (Wednesday).
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