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Slow snow melt under way (PICTURES)

(February 10, 2009)

DRY weather forecast for the rest of this week should reduce the risk of flooding in Warminster even though there is still considerable snow lying in the fields near the town.

cley hillA sudden melt of snow is not expected however, as the next five days will be cold with frost overnight.

Monday evening’s wild weather included wind, heavy rain, then snow at about midnight and then more rain.
While most of the snow was washed away in the town centre Tuesday lunchtime’s short walk into the countryside revealed plenty of places where toboggans and sledges could still be used.
Local weather lore has it that if the snow remains on the hills for a week following the last snowfall then we will see more wintry weather.            We’ll see.
Pictured: Cley Hill
snow field
Land off Cold Harbour with snow melt
snow melt

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