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Golden opportunities in Silver Street?

(February 15, 2009)
Antiques could soon be a thing of the past as one street in Warminster is steadily undergoing a transformation, writes Paul Macdonald
A new dining opportunity in Silver Street has already been delivered on a plate by councillors to the owner of Bombay Ben's which is currently providing snackers with a wide variety Indian and gluten-free dishes and sandwiches in Chinn's Court.
Planners at the district council have found no problems with seeing the shop at number two that had long been the home to Obelisk Antiques swopping over to more modern seats and tables for diners.
The steadily increasing tide of traditional shop fronts being replaced by modern office windows looks like continuing.
This time the other end of Silver Street, which has long been a favourite for aficionados attracted to the large number of antiques shops, there are now plans to convert yet another shop.
This time the ground floor former antiques shop opposite the Obelisk could soon become offices if the plans submitted by local agent Peter Grist are passed by councillors.

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