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School & radio station on the same wavelength

(February 18, 2009)
ONE of the biggest local media ideas for decades is waiting to see if it can count on the support of the town council on Monday, writes Paul Macdonald
Warminster Community Radio has teamed up with Kingdown School to draw up a six-figure project to establish a community radio station with a media and communications centre.
"We will have the radio station and a lot more," Barry Mole told visionforwarminster recently  "There will be a sound, stage and recording studio."
The station director has been the leading light of WCR since its start 12 years ago and has helped it grow from the lofty top floor of the Athenaeum
"Pupils and schools in the area and locals interested in media studies will all be able to use it."
It has stumbled once as the thorny issue of getting planning permission caused a delay and a partial re-think of the original plans.
Now, the former hospital radio that has widened its appeal, and the school which will become its new home, have formally submitted completed plans which will first be mulled over by councillors in Warminster.
They are asked to give their views to the West Wilts planning committee in Trowbridge.

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