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Tory leader to speak at town's Cons Club in May

(February 18, 2009)

WARMINSTER Conservative Club should be packed on 1 May for a keynote speech from the leader of the Conservative Party in Wiltshire Jane Scott.

The leader of the county council is due at the Prestbury Drive  club at 7.30pm when she will address the faithful on the subject of ‘Unitary - The way Forward’.

The meeting is open only to members and will come just 35 days before Wiltshire goes to the polls for the first ever unitary council election on 4 June.

“I welcome Mrs Scott’s decision to come to speak in Warminster, although not being a member of the Conservative Party, or any other political party for that matter, I will not be able to question her," said former county councillor Steve Dancey.

“I have been generally supportive of the change to unitary status which she has led as I believe it will reduce costs and confusion, improve efficiency and boost accountability through the area boards.

“However I would have liked to have tackled her on a number of issues.

“How come the county council lost £8million by investing in dodgy Icelandic banks?

“Why did the county council fail in its duty to keep the Warminster community safe by salting the roads on Saturday 6 February?

“And finally, why the hell will it take almost three years to finish the Warminster town centre enhancements which, combined with the recession, is causing the town to die on its feet?”

Perhaps readers can find a few other questions for her.

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