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Cement works mothballing leads to more job cuts

(February 20, 2009)
THE fallout from the Westbury cement works owner's decision to suspend all operations has now spread to cause lorry drivers to lose their jobs - including some who live in Warminster.
Hauliers Turners of Westbury have have been hit by the knock on effect and this week were forced to take drastic action.
"I was told last week that our jobs were on the line," said one driver who lives locally. "I am now out of work.
"We held a meeting on Monday. We were told we would hear by Wednesday. I am one of 16 who lost their jobs."
The HGV 1 driver would have expected to be in demand a year ago but now faces a very uncertain future.
"There is just nothing about," he added. "I have been looking."
Lafarge Cement UK is currently working with their own staff to mitigate the effects of their decision which could lead to 68 job losses.
The company  stressed it is merely a suspension and everything will be mothballed including the quarry so that they can quickly be re-opened if the opportunity arises.
The plant will continue as a depot and there may be hope for those who face losing their jobs in the next few months.
"This announcement marks a very sad day for Lafarge Cement UK and it remains our hope that if market and cost conditions allow, the works can be brought back into operation at some point in the future,” promised managing director Erdogan Pekenc when the announcement was made.
It now looks like many locally will now look to the Government who have promised to bring forward capital projects all over the country.

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