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Local station's world service

(February 22, 2009)
THIRTEEN years ago a dedicated team of volunteers established a community radio station to serve the local hospital they now have a brand new looking website to add to their achievements writes Paul Macdonald.
Since their launch Warminster Community Radio has show their initiative on an almost annual basis.
They now are able to broadcast live each summer for 28 days. They broadcast all year round to a wider and wider audience.
They support a radio station at the local community college as well as at old people's homes.
Starting with a handful of presenters they now boast 35 local people who each contribute with their own unique blend of shows. A Kingdown student, Andrew Robinson has done so well he has become assistatnt station manager.
Now, on the fifth anniversary of their getting onto the internet, which is easily down-loadable by a click of the mouse to run in the background as internet visitors do what they do, WCR have this week updated their website.
'WCR Community Radio can be heard 24 hours a day, 365 days a year thanks to our Internet world broadcast service.  This means that whenever, day or night, or whatever time zone you live in, there will always be a WCR presenter to keep you company,' the website proclaims proudly.
The radio station manager Barry Mole drives the whole station forward and the latest planned step forward is potentially a massive one.
They are looking to raise £500,000 to fund a new state of the art studio and training facility at Kingdown School after their rather innovative use of former public toilets at the Assembly Hall.
These replaced the crarmped setting of the attic rooms at the Athenaeum and rivalled the the change which saw underground toilets which were converted into a night club at Bath for a national award at the time.
The WCR website can be brought up on

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