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Board is short changed but our cllrs not aware of it

(February 24, 2009)

TUESDAY’S area board meeting in Warminster was a well attended affair and there was some interesting new information - but no proper answer about why Warminster’s area board is getting short changed.

We have argued that the boards should get funding on a per capita basis and asked why this was no so.

At first the chairman of the meeting, Cllr Andrew Davis, said every board was indeed being funded this way.

A minute or so later the officer from the county council pointed out that there was a basic sum which was augmented by payments adjusted for ‘sparcity and deprivation’.

“I think the unitary authority should come clean and tell us out in the open what everyone else is getting otherwise it leaves a nasty taste,” said Steve Dancey.

“I don’t like secrecy in local government - although some councillors may do.”

We are now calling for Wiltshire Council to make public the amount each board will receive, the number of people living in that board’s area and the per capita amount allocated.

Now that shouldn’t be too difficult - the public needs to know as there are elections in the offing.

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