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Litter shame of our historic town hall

(February 27, 2009)
WARMINSTER people are still shaking their heads in dismay at the state of the Town Hall - just days after it was cleaned up writes Paul Macdonald.
litter shame"Oh dear, Oh dear Oh dear," said one elderly Pound Street resident who recalled the building's better days.
"It is disgusting. Look at the mess that old toilets are now. They should either bring them up and back into use fill them all in."
"Look at the entrance," said another passer-by . "They are still nesting in there. Why didn't they put netting across like they have around the clock.
"What a home this must be for all sorts of vermin inside. Look at that hole up there."
Just the taking of a photograph of the hole sparked a mass exodus of seven birds.
"I walk past the old toilets most days on my way to work," said a woman from The Heathlands. "It is a real eyesore. I hate to think what it is actually like down there. I wouldn't go down there if I were you."
"There is actually a woman who regularly sits outside Superdrug throwing food for the birds," she added.
It appeared as though something had been installed on the roof to deter the pigeons as every so often a huge flock would take to the sky, circle the town centre, and slowly return.
The flock numbered more than 30 birds with their feathers slowly floating down to land on the pavement or ledges.
"The problem is some people actually encourage the pigeons," added a Ridgeway resident. "They sit in the Three horseshoes throwing down bread."
Across the road a woman was waving for attention.
"I know its silly but I always cross the road by Woolies 'cos' I can't stand the thought of walking underneath the pigeons!" she admitted.

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