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Seventies sign saved from the skip

(March 04, 2009)
A visit to the website has saved a piece of seventies street scene memorabilia from the tip.
 "I thought 'oh dear' and hurried to our new office when I saw beeline signthe hot topic about the history behind the sign," explained WSB Group director Nicki Marshall who is overseeing the refurbishment
 "It is all nostalgia, It is nice to keep things like this," said Nicki pictured handing the sign back to the original owner Tony Berridge.
 "Thanks to Vision for Warminster I realised that the sign should not be put in the skip."
 Tony is the managing director of the taxi business Starline Taxis which carries on to this day from its Beeline roots.
 He recalls getting the sign done in the late seventies but a move a few doors away years later saw it covered over most recently by a Bath Travel sign.
 "I'm pretty certain that it was done for us by Bob Johnson from Crockerton who did most of the signs in the Market Place at the time," he said.
 "It was quite a surprise that it still exists."

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