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A DVD is in production for visionforwarminster

(March 06, 2009)

IF you see people out and about armed with a film camera and large tripod this weekend don’t be alarmed - it is only us. is making a campaign film featuring Steve and Paul and our vision about how we believe life in the town can be improved.

The vision on paper has at least 25,000 words and we recognise that there are some people who will find it heavy going.

The DVD and film will target the audience that doesn’t have access to the net but does have a DVD player, while a shorter version will be made available on YouTube.

“It is quite a task but we are fortunate in having the assistance of a professionally qualified friend of mine who has offered to help in the production of the material,” said Steve.

“Without his help it probably would not have been possible to even have started this venture so we are very grateful.

“It isn’t something we are taking lightly as we realise that even though we are campaigning we have a responsibility to balance the negative side of Warminster with the many positive things that happen.

“What we produce won’t be a classic but we believe it will be a useful start.

“They say a picture paints a 1,000 word so a moving picture must paint many thousands more.”

We hope to have the moving vision available by the end of the month.

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