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New funds for us to tap into

(March 07, 2009)

VISIONFORWARMINSTER.CO.UK has learnt that a new organisation designed to improve life on Salisbury Plain will spring into life in April.

The ‘Plain Action’ programme will be launched on 7 April and have a £2.5million budget to use strengthening communities, improving the relationship between the military and civilians and also business and enterprise.

“We must ensure that we are able to extract maximum funding from this programme by having schemes in place for Warminster and also try to make sure everything is not spent on consultants and their giddy plans,” said Steve Dancey.

“How about the new area board setting up a litter squad involving the garrison and local community?”
The start of this new inititiative coincides with the planned launch of the independently written and completed Vision for Warminster document that the public have been reading in their increasing droves.
"We have been arguing for months that an array of opportunities are going to become available this year and it needs more than a glossy 'scoping' study," adds former deputy mayor Paul Macdonald

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