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Anti Social Behaviour at first hand in the Avenue

(March 09, 2009)

TONIGHT’S planning advisory committee was a well attended affair - but it is what happened on my way home which is the subject of this report.

As I was cycling home from the meeting at 7.45pm I passed a group of three youths just after the bend near Atyeo Court, writes Steve Dancey.

They seemed to dislike the fact that my bike has two rear red lights and shouted something out, which I ignored.

I pedalled on at the same pace when it became apparent that I was being chased by two members of this group - I turned round and shouted an expletive at them but didn’t hang around.

They had an evil aura about them so I cycled off at speed as you just don’t know what they had been drinking, taking or whether they were armed with a knife.

I could have stood my ground but at the age of 50 I don’t feel comfortable about tackling two fit teenagers in combat.

Sad to say that this is the first occasion in half a century of living in the warminster area that I have ever felt threatened in this way.

The matter was reported to police at 11pm but what difference it will make as I have hardly seen a police officer on foot patrol in Warminster in the past decade.

I waited until 11pm to report the matter as I was due at a skittles match at the football club and I didn’t want these yobs to put me out by delaying me. 

(In the end my team, the Poachers, went down 5-2 to Nags Nymphs.)

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