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Newspaper ad sparks broadcasting career

(March 14, 2009)
"THERE was an ad in the Warminster Journal which my wife spotted that started this all off," explained WCR d coxpresenter David Cox recalling his first year, writes Paul Macdonald.
"You like music. You could do that," were the words that saw David enrolling for the ten week induction programme.
 "I then had a live assessment which I passed surprisingly," he said modestly.
 The family and work commitments meant that David quickly settled into his Sunday evening slot and then another hour earlier in the day.
 "At first I would just play music but over time you try other things," explained the presenter who now has an interesting array of guests coming in.
 "I recall the children of Sambourne School who came in to sing carols as one of the high points."
 Guests on a Sunday vary from the traditional vicars from locals churches 'much appreciated by those who cannot get to Sunday services' to a remote car racing enthusiast.
 "It is very much family orientated shows that I do and I think there are many listeners who enjoy being able to request their favourite hymns."
 David has featured everyone from a 101-year-old Fred Cutler interviewing him over four weeks at his home to receiving a request from a four-year-old for a song.
 Asked what he would like to introduce to his shows in his second year he admitted a slight nervousness but it would be live phone-ins.
 "I do take e-mail requests and phone calls for favourite tunes but that would be the next thing to aim for."
 David's show can be heard on the internet all year round and plans are afoot for him to take a leading role in the next 28 days FM broadcast to the public of Warminster.
 *Warminster Community Radio is a registered charity that relies on public fundraising and their website can be found on our links where it is very easy to become a friend for just £10.

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