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Ideas with vroom revealed tonight on WCR

(March 15, 2009)
SPEAKING on WCR's Sunday Showcase co-author of Paul Macdonald will reveal more of the ideas that are becoming the focus of wider debate in Warminster.
Paul will plug a series of ideas to promote tourism which looking to use land that will soon become available to provide activities like go-karting.
"It is important that a bit of imaginatiion is used after hearing what young people are saying to us," explains Paul.
"The sort of things that our teenagers and those in their early twenties are saying they want are just the sort of things that holiday-making families can be attracted into town to enjoy.
"This idea has again really sparked an interest amongst the young just as the ideas for a national archaeology centre and maltings museum amongst their parents."
The publication of the latest chapter on the innovative website sparked another huge surge in 'hits'.
Paul is expected to also talk about transport issues on the Sunday showcase just after 6pm in his interview with David Cox.
On Tuesday evening listeners have the chance to make their mark as the station's newest internet presenter Kathie Tyler is looking for a name for her ininaugural nine o'clock show.
"I will be offering quick and easy recipes and some nice chat," Kathie told

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