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England, St George and Merrie Warminster

(March 16, 2009)

FOR England St George and Merrie Warminster was the message given to town councillors on Monday evening when local landlord Nick Pitcher of the Prestbury Sports Bar spoke about the natonal day.

Three years ago he had the idea of a victory march when England won the football world cup - but although it didn’t quite go to plan the idea created a ‘buzz’ in the town and much media attention.
That experience has led to the latest idea.

“I’m proud of being from Warminster and from Wiltshire but I’m also proud of England and like all the other countries we should celebrate our patron saint,” he said.

“Everyone is excited about the prospect of itand it could bring a lot of business to the town.

“It would bring people off the bypass if we could make it a really good big event.

“They would see that Warminster is a really nice town and come back on other days as well.”

As well as street entertainment there could be a Warminster St Georges Ball, stalls, a funfair and it would potentially an annual event that would get the whole community, shops and schools involved.

Councillors agreed to Paul Batchelor’s suggestion that a small committee made up of one third councillors and two thirds interested parties be set up to take this project forward.

Mr Batchelor, Mrs Ridout and Mrs Fraser agreed to serve on the body - councillor Martin Baker said he was excused as he came from the other side of the Severn Bridge originally.

Andrew Davis posed the question of whether to event could be linked in some way to the Warminster Festival.

Next year’s St George’s Day falls on a Friday - which should set it off to a good start.

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