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Hot snippets: roadworks/police/adverts

(March 17, 2009)
THOSE responsible for the roadworks in the town centre of Warminster have been holding occasional mid-week afternoon meetings which are open to the public.
 The next opportunity is thought to be this Thursday (19 March) at Dewey House in North Row at 2pm.
 County Hall and contractors' representatives have been holding these little publicised meetings.
 More information can be obtained from the town clerk as the latest newsletter for this month is not yet posted on either their website or the one at WCC.
INSPECTOR Dave Minty has revealed that Warminster's community beat manager is stepping down from his post after two years.
A community beat manager is nothing to do with music but the police officer who heads up the neighbourhood policing team.
Mark is staying on in Warminster though as a response officer and his replacement, who has requested the job, will be coming to town with 23 years' experience, partly in a CID role.
TOWN Councillors are to try to increase public interest in their work by advertising their meetings in the Warminster Journal.
Councillors want to book the same space in the paper at regular intervals so that people know where to look if they are interested in civic matters.
Mayor Veronica Burden described the idea as an 'excellent proposal' although some councillors were worried if there was sufficient money in the budget.

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