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Firm chosen to produce Warminster town plan

(March 18, 2009)

TOWN councillors have decided that a Home Counties firm of consultants will be paid £48,000 to deliver a town plan for Warminster.

The firm in question produced the glossy scoping documentlast year. 
Town councillors seem to think that spending this sum on what is little more than a village design statement and supplementary planning guidance document will place them at the forefront of towns in Wiltshire. Dream on.

The firm chosen is called Urban Practitioners .

Councillor Tony Nicklin, who has been closely involved in the selection process said that the company had been chosen from a short-list of three companies.

Each was given an hour to make a presentation before a panel of councillors and an industry wide formula based on value for money was employed in making the choice.

“Even though Urban Practitioners gave us the lowest quote it did not mean that they would give the best value for money,” said Mr Nicklin.

“But they also gave us the best answers to our questions.”

They could have quoted up to £68,000 and still have provided best value he believed.

We have been critical about spending such a large sum of taxpayers’ money on something like this .

So how would we have spent this money?

Well take a look at what a lot less than £48,000, spent with Wiltshire company Glennie Mackintosh has secured for another Wiltshire town on this link which has only just become available. 

It is an excellent promotional effort by Tidworth and David Wildman (who was educated in Warminster) should be commended. Who provides the best value for money now?

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