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Health and well-being at Assembly Hall

(March 18, 2009)
Local representatives of a national charity held their first health and well-being morning in the Assembly hall today for the over seventies writes Paul Macdonald.
"We did get excellent feedback," said Age Concern's Trish Cowie. "It showed us that there is a real need to run these events."
The stage at the hall became an arena for walking circuits using the free pedometers.
In another part of the hall 'Wii fit' was a surprise to some opening their eyes to the high tech usually enjoyed by a much younger generation.
"We also showed for those who are less able chair bound exercises," said 'fit-as-a-fiddle' (FAAF) coordinator Sally Evans.
In Wiltshire they are hoping to help thousands of older people with the programme funded by lottery money and delivered by Age Concern.
"It was a good start," added Sally. "Fifty five people attended in just two hours.
As well as physical activity there was a wide range of advice available.
"Avoiding falls was a very popular talk," said Sally. "All the time there was a lot of laughter and the noise level was incredible."
The sports centre offered free swimming for the over sixties, librarian Richard Violet was on hand to talk about the help they give, another gave advice on low impact circuits.
The assembly hall based weekly Body Moves session gave a demo class.
"It was the very first event of its type and we learned a lot from it," said Sally. "We will now take it around the county."
Sally is also being charged with introducing the idea into day centres and old people's homes.
The FAAF programme have a website

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