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Ten days left to vote in town hall online poll

(March 21, 2009)

THERE’S only 10 days left to take part in our online poll into the future of the town hall.

At the moment over 90 per cent of those who have taken part have voted yes but on 1 April we will be issuing the result of the poll on line.

After that we will be introducing a significant addition to the site by way of public consultation re green issues.

Instead of simply setting out our proposals in black and white as usual, on the next page people will be able to vote for their preferred policy as they read through the document.

Green issues are complex, very controversial and highly divisive so it will be interesting for us to see how things develop and what the local public think.

We don’t want to be accused of knee-jerk reactions.

We will try to present these matters in as an objective, thoughtful and relevant way as possible so that the answers will be as helpful to policymakers as possible.

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