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Mattress shame adds to town hall woes (picture)

(March 21, 2009)
THE problems besetting our neglected town hall are growing month by month, writes Paul Macdonald.
A scourge of modern society is litter but fly-tipping usually mattressfound in lay-bys is now evident in the  toilet block behind  the building which should be the centrepiece of civic pride.
"Can you imagine a mattress being left for month at the back of the Guildhall in Salisbury, under the Marlborough town hall or anywhere within 200 yards of Lord Palmerston's statue in Romsey? said Steve Dancey.
"Why on earth should we accept this sort of thing in our town?"
The town council voted to help fund a five-figure sum with public money to deal with the pigeon problem and some work was done (hot topic 25 Feb).
But the pigeon flock is back causing some members of the public to take a wide berth.
"Look at the state of the pavements," said a Pound Street resident. "All around is pigeon ****. Did I really hear that thousands have been spent?"
Out of sight out of mind appears to be the current watchwords as councillors struggle to deal with the problem.
For years it has been in private ownership after a history that includes being home to the magistrates court and a popular civic amenity with its dance floor.
Environmental officers at the district council are currently trying to get the owner to deal with the latest problem (hot topics 15th Mar, 27th Feb).
There is still a problem with the pigeons and an e-mail has been sent to the district council environmental officer taking up the problem asking her to involve listed building officers.
In the top right hand corner of the entrance the pigeons have found a way in through a large hole.
The latest concern is what is going on inside the building itself.

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