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Go-kart crazy kids are lapping up new idea

(March 22, 2009)
 AN idea floated on this website by Paul Macdonald is capturing the imagination of the town's go-kart crazy kids.
"Hey! Are you the dude who wants a go-kart circuit," said 'Jaz' stopping Paul Macdonald's co-author, in his tracks.
"I am," said Paul wondering how he was recognised.
"My mum had your site up and said how positive it was. Yeah! I thought. Then she said look. She said you'd been the man who got things done before! Are you the man again?"
The idea for karting is one of the latest which appears this time in ideas for tourism which includes 'the land at the end of Furnax Lane should be considered for a go-kart arena'.
"I see the potential for a noisy area screened by trees for youngsters which is away from housing," explained Paul. "If councils can run pitch and putt golf courses then let's go for it!"
The former recycling centre at Furnax Lane on the outskirts of town is being moved up the road later this year.
It will be modernised and re-opened with the new Wiltshire Council deciding what to do with the vacated land.
"Only yesterday concerned resident, Jed Tryhorn, was telling me that the police are getting moans about the youngsters making too much noise in the town park from residents of Regal Court," added Paul.
Jed makes a major contribution to the town as a coach for youth football and rugby.
The town park has been there a lot longer than Regal Court which was formerly the site of the Regal Cinema. It was lost years ago but nothing replaced it for youngsters
"I know the idea is a bit random but if there is enough space it could be used by schools during the day to teach road safety and initial cycling proficiency, and commercially pay its way in the evenings and at weekends," explained Paul.

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