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Imber Road rat run call for action from mother

(March 22, 2009)
A CONCERNED mum  has experienced first hand the danger and damage caused by misjudgments of motorists using a 'rat run' and is calling for action, writes Paul Macdonald.
"Imber Road narrows significantly between the One Stop and Boreham Road," said Louise Ruck.
"It is massively dangerous not only to cars and their door mirrors," described the mother with her son at her side.
"My husband's car was hit and shunted into the gateway causing £3,000 worth of damage even though we rarely leave it on the road."
She explained that a combination of parked cars, no pavement on one side, a narrow footpath the other, and the narrowness of the road needs urgently looking at.
"The least they could do is a road narrows sign," she added. "It is time someone did something."
The recent town centre improvements rat run made steady crop of near misses and damage to vehicles much worse.

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