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(March 23, 2009)
Any notion that the town library in Warminster is just a provider of books on loan can quickly be shelved.
On the first Saturday of every month a father with his children are welcomed to a Dad's group session by a bacon butty.
The two hour session starts at 10am promising a morning of fun activities which some mum's will no doubt be quietly applauding.
This is just the latest example of how the building has become more and more a community centre under the stewardship of librarian Richard Violet and his staff whilst still providing a good library service.
Hippopotandmouse, the innovative very much hands-on creative workshop that is found in The Cornmarket, is introducing 'paint for a fiver!'
The choose and decorate your own pottery studio is now offering a wide variety of pieces starting from just two pounds.
Choose from 38 food safe and non toxic paints, use your imagination (with advice if you want), hand over your finished piece, and collect the masterpiece a few days later after it has been fired.
They sell reasonably priced drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, chocolate bars and crisps, and a pleasant surprise is they do not mind if you bring in your own snacks.
Believe it or not someone is going to be at county hall this Saturday evening to switch the lights off for one hour.
Wiltshire County Council say they are showing support for Earth Hour 2009 by switching off the lights at County Hall and other premises this month.
County hall is not renowned for being run on Saturdays so perhaps the person that switches them off will have to switch them on first.

This year the campaign is aiming to include a billion people by them turning off their lights off for an hour from 8.30pm. 'Where are the candles' will no doubt be a catchphrase or will people rely on the light form their telly.

More seriously, county hall will be switching off all the lights (except the security and emergency lighting) as part of the World Wildlife Federation's (WWF) Earth Hour.
WILTSHIRE'S Air Ambulance was called to a remote location on Salisbury Plain on Sunday afternoon to rescue a soldier with a serious back injury.
 The military patient treated and flown to hospital.

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