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Clean Britain Award given to 30 not 12 (out of 63)

(March 23, 2009)

NEWS that West Wiltshire was one ‘of just 12 councils across England to have received a 5 star grade from the 2009 Clean Britain Awards‘ has been announced as if it was some major achievement.

It sounds like it is until you delve a little deeper.

Yes, West Wilts was one of 12 districts but there were also 12 other winners in the city section and a further six in the town section - 30 ‘5 star grades’  in all. 
The gold award was won by North Norfolk DC, the silver by Hinckley and Bosworth BC and bronze by Alnwick DC.

There are hundreds of local authorities in the UK but only a paltry 63 entered this award giving an almost 50 per cent chance of getting a five star grade.

The judges, we are told, spent an afternoon in a district, assessing against ‘a number of criteria including litter and fly-tipping, dog fouling. street furniture cleanliness, chewing gum and cigarette butt litter‘.

“They clearly didn’t come to Warminster by train otherwise our chances would have dropped like a stone as they walked through The Avenue of litter,” said former councillor Steve Dancey.

“We don’t know where they went - they could well have called at Chapmanslade or Corsley, as Mendip was also involved, and those villages are litter free.”

Litter, dog fouling and gum are poorly dealt with in this area and the lack of fly-tipping is town is down to the foresight of Wiltshire County Council in providing a recycling centre here.

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