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A once in a year opportunity coming up on 6 April

(March 26, 2009)

ANYONE interested in the well-being of the town should be prepared to attend the annual parish meeting of Warminster Town Council on Monday 6 April.

It provides the only occasion in the civic year where, in Warminster, we can grill the town council about any issue we care to (within reason).

The meeting takes place in Dewey House on 6 April and is open to all residents of the town.

“I would urge people to attend this meeting as it is your opportunity to really grill the council,” said former county councillor Steve Dancey.

“Many other parish and town councils have public question times at the start of their monthly meetings when the public can ask questions on any subject but Warminster’s standing orders are unnecessarily very restrictive and only allow questions about subjects on the agenda.

“They will be dragged into the present century at some stage but we need to wait a while I’m afraid,” added Steve.

“The fact that they are user friendly in this respect is really quite shocking.”

While the public may wish to vent their feelings it should of course be remembered that the town councillors are volunteers who do all their work unpaid.

This is not true of those who also sit on the district and county councils who all receive substantial allowances and travelling expenses - at mileage rates well in excess of those paid by most commercial businesses.

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