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Last gasp action by WWDC over town hall mess

(March 27, 2009)
THE detritus that has built up including  the fly-tipping of mattresses in and around the old toilets behind the sorry looking Town Hall in Warminster is being urgently dealt with by a district council officer.
"I have today received this e-mail from the officer responsible," said former councillor Paul Macdonald.
'Just to let you know that I have served a notice on whom I believe to now be the owner of these, giving them 10 days within which to clear the rubbish and take appropriate action for the eradication of rodents if necessary,' wrote an environmental health officer.
'If the notice is not complied with then I will arrange for works to be carried out in default.'
The building still has a major problem with the pigeons that have made it their home and appear to have their own front door through a large hole.
"As one of the highest grade listed buildings in town I asked in any other officers should take a look," added Paul. "Someone needs to check inside."
'I forwarded your first e-mail straight to the planning department," explained the EHO  saying that she will ask them to respond to the point direct.
'I have sought advice from the Health Protection Agency with regard to the pigeons and am awaiting the outcome of this.'
As former deputy mayor of Warminster Paul is firmly behind the campaign that is starting to grow calling for it to become a community building.
"As a listed building specifically built  as a town hall it is severely limited in its commercial opportunities," claims Paul.
"We have the ideas for a youth centre run alcohol free bar where the wine bar was, restoration of the civic use above, and a positive piece in the jigsaw of future use of the municipal buildings in town.
The town council is stuttering through a series of dilemmas with meeting after meeting about the Assembly Hall and Dewey house which is the current home of the town council ,
'Let's get the town to enthused in making the town hall the jewel in the crown of the town centre not the pigeon loft that it is at the moment and then put the other pieces of the jigsaw around that."

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