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Paul does councillors' work for them, again

(April 02, 2009)
IT WAS difficult to tell today whether the damaged panes of perspex had been simply taken away or replaced today at a much used bus shelter in Warminster.
Paul Macdonald re-awakened memories of his time as a local bus sheltercouncillor among the residents of The Dene and Boreham Field as he took on the onus of getting something done.
"I remember you and your dad walking round every Sunday with a clipboard," said one passer-by to Paul after the work was finished. "Now its a digital camera!"
The bus shelter had been badly spray painted, scratched and vandalised over several years with nothing being done.
But a couple of e-mails from the co-author of an ever more popular Warminster website saw some welcome activity at the bus stop today.
The shelter has been refurbished so well by Ringway employee John Lodge (pictured at work) that the clearness of the panes creates the illusion that they are not there.
"I like the idea of going around with the clipboard again and it would be good if we combine it with people using the 'have a say' option on," added Paul.
"It shows that the first day of the new unitary authority has been a good one for local residents who do not have access to cars. Let's not stop with this, if you will excuse the pun!"
Steve Dancey, said: "Paul is very committed to working on his patch and it is a pity that some, who claim to be 'In Touch' with the community and are elected councillors don't adopt the same approach.
"Town councillor Keith Humphries, who lives just around the corner and claims a special interest in transport issues, could have reported this matter months ago."

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