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Green debate called for - with on-site polls

(April 05, 2009)

THE penultimate chapter of has now been written, drafted, re-written, redrafted and published on the site.

It looks at the issue of the environment and concentrates on things which are in the control of the local council and differs from previous chapters in that we are asking for a public steer on policies.

In particular there is a discussion of the issues surround the waste collection service which has been a hot potato across the country and in West Wilts where a number of daft rules have been too strictly enforced and the issue blown out of proportion by some national newspapers.

We are keen to find vision readers’ opinion on two specific matters so people can vote in our latest two polls.

The previous poll on the town hall attracted almost 130 voters even though the page was viewed by many more people than that.

“Of course we realise that people can be very wary of clicking on something which might register that they are interested in a certain subject - for a variety of reasons,” said Steve.

“I can fully understand people’s worries and share them.

“However, as far as I am aware, there are no possible technical side-effects from using the vote panels.

“It is totally anonymous and all we store is something called a cookie which prevents someone voting more than once in a particular poll.

“Quite why they are called cookies, I don’t know - obviously an American designer who spent too much time watching the Andy Williams Show in the 1960s.”

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