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Hot snippets: stats/repairs/next day count

(April 06, 2009) traffic statists reveal a massive leap forward in March.
 The total number of hits was 17,963 from 1,616 visits by 549 different sites giving an average 579 hits each day with almost 7,000 page impression over th month.
 In what was probably a coincidence the highest number of hits came in the hours and day after the David Cox WCR interview with Paul Macdonald and when he revealed in a hot topic that he was campaigning to get the mess behind the town hall cleared up.
 The home page has a flag counter which has been running since 15 March. Three weeks on and it is heading towards the 1,000 target.
Selwood Housing Society which rents out hundreds of homes in Warminster joined the internet revolution last December enabling tenants to request repairs on-line.
An easy to use website reveals a big orange box 'report a repair' for clicking on. (Three months later they report 92 per cent satisfaction with the service).
A confirmation reply over the ethernet can be sent but it is not a requirement to leave your e-mail address as a written confirmation is sent through the post anyway. 
THOSE standing for election to the new Wiltshire Council face a sleepless night as the votes will not be counted until the following day.
With the euro election taking place the same day extra safeguards are needed to ensure ballots are not mixed up in any way.
While town council votes have commonly been counted the following day it is the first 'big' election to have a following day count in this area since the February 1974 poll when Denis Walters secured the fourth of his eight wins in the Westbury Constituency.

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