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Time for the market to return to its right place?

(April 08, 2009)
A VISION for the future of the Warminster economy is being updated now on the website by two former councillors.
Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald originally wrote their ideas last summer in their sections on economic development and planning.
"The latest idea we will be exploring this Friday is whether the market traders like the idea of returning to the Market Place and High Street once the widening of the pavements is completed," said Paul.
"We would welcome any last minute ideas and comments and there is one major proposal that we will be submitting via the new council if they like it to the government.
"The Sustainable Communities Act gives us the chance to get our idea for the Akehurst defence technology park to be built in Warminster to provide much needed skilled jobs."
The county council are acting as the local co-coordinators of the public response to the opportunity for ordinary members of the public to have their say.
There is a deadline of 24 April  after which a panel of experts will take a look and then make recommendations to senior councillors.
"There is more information in the library but at the moment we are the only daily Warminster based forum that is giving you the chance to have put your views forward," added Paul

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