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Potentially life-saving improvement suggested

(April 09, 2009)
The success that the co-authors of are having in getting things done for the town is earning the increasing trust of the public.
Paul quickly got a badly vandalised popular bus shelter well-used by the elderly and mums with young children rapidly repairedpaul pot followed up by clearing the blight at the rear of the town hall.
Residents are now adding their practical grass roots ideas to those being promoted by us.
"After discussing an incident I witnessed on the road outside Kingdown School involving a cyclist it is time to act," explained Paul.
The unlucky bike rider was forced into a pot hole on the unkerbed section of road. 
"Then Boreham Field resident Herb West popped out to thank me for the bus shelter and he also mentioned the fencing and state of the grass along there."
Paul is now writing to highway chiefs to point out that there is an opportunity to provide a better roadside setting with asphalted area.
"The other side of the Battlesbury Barracks entrance this has already been provided," says Paul.
As part of a community makeover he is calling for the concrete post and wire fencing to be removed as being 'ugly and redundant' calling for discussion with the town council about planting greenery.
"There is a particular problem during term-time there and this could significantly reduce the risk to life and limb."

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