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No hot cross buns worthy of the name in our town

(April 10, 2009)

GOOD Friday has highlighted the lack of choice offered to Warminster shoppers who would like to buy decent hot cross buns.

“I don’t know about you but in times past I always looked forward to a nice spicy and tasty bun on this occasion - it was one of the landmark foods of the year along with Christmas pudding, garden strawberries and the first Jersey royals,” said Steve.

“The problem we face in Warminster is that it isn’t possible to buy a hot cross bun worthy of the name any more.

“I bought some from Morrisons yesterday which were stale and lacking in any taste - 2 out of 10 while my wife bought a pack in Reeves which were a tad better but doughy and fairly unpleasant eating - 3 of of 10. My son described them as 'squidgy'.

“Not so long ago we could all enjoy the lovely buns produced by Raines and Sons at Westbury which were sold at Wilson and Kennard’s bakery.

“A little further back in time we used to have our own bakery near the Obelisk and some lovely cake shops such as Parkers in the High Street and Stainers in East Street.

“Perhaps, next year, I’ll make my own buns or go to Frome.”

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