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First bad buns - now a run on Easter eggs

(April 12, 2009)

SATURDAY in  Warminster saw a sudden great egg hunt  with people going round and round in circles the afternoon before Easter Sunday.

"You don't know where we can get Easter eggs," asked a desperate women in a local shop. "I've tried to find a supermarket open and I am not local."
"The one-stop in Imber Road," was suggested but 'no, I've been there and they are sold out' said another who overheard the suggestion.
"You could try the filling stations," said another shopper helpfully brought 'Oh, I've already been there and they sent me here!'
Scores of people were hopping from here to there like the proverbial Easter bunny looking for the elusive traditional gift.
"I know I shouldn't laugh but I remembered one for my niece but my sister did not," said another.
As the shoppers rabbited on about their misfortune one added woefully that she really missed 'woolies' which had caused her to forget.
"It was always walking past there that triggered my memory," she bemoaned.
Cadbury's will not be disappointed though - their bags of mini-eggs became the last resort.
"I'll never wait for last minute reductions," said another ruefully.
Another put a message in a greetings card saying 'thought you might not want more chocolate so spend this on yourself' (enclosing a small bank note).
"I did not stock easter eggs because as soon as they went on the shelves at Morrisons they were reduced by 50 per cent," explained Boreham Field Newsmart shop owner Arun Malik the next day.

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