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Steve and Paul go down the Tube

(April 15, 2009)

REGULAR visitors to this website will notice some big changes over the next few weeks as we lead up to the unitary council elections.

Now that both Steve and Paul have announced they are standing for election to Wiltshire Council visionforwarminster will be making significant use of the opportunities offered by YouTube.

This will enable many more people to see and hear us deliver our message - although of course we will try to visit as many homes as possible.

Every home in each division will still receive at least one printed election communication from us in the lead up to the elections on 4 June.

“Elections are always very difficult for candidates but especially for those without a party political machine behind them,” said Steve Dancey, who is attempting a comeback 20 years after he won the Warminster West division in May 1989.

“As independents we have to develop policies, write, edit and reconsider them, deliver leaflets and door knock as well as hold down full time jobs.

“Appearing on YouTube will enable many many more people to see and hear our message and they can then consider what we have said and then get back to us.

“When you knock on someone’s door during an election and ask them baldly whether they have got any questions they say ‘no’ - of course not as very few people carry around in their heads a stock question in the unlikely event of a political geek knocking on their door.

“Whether our appearance on screen will help our cause remains to be seen - neither Paul nor myself resembles Hugh Grant or Clark Gable so we won’t be winning the matinee idol vote.

“But at least we try - and would throw down the gauntlet to our opponents to show themselves in similar fashion, if they dare.”

The first YouTube broadcasts can be seen on the Civic Pride page - it concerns the town hall, a cause close to our hearts and on the Community Makeover section.

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