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Keeping track of the police on line is easy

(April 16, 2009)
The work of the local police in not just tackling anti-social behaviour but providing an alternative to it has been praised by former councillor Paul Macdonald. is calling for better law enforcement but also sees the future as 'policing by consent' and have added web link to the Neighbourhood Policing Team to the website.
Using the link it is now easy to keep in touch with local beat officers and police community support officers.
A visit to the site reveals that there are regular opportunities for residents to use the more traditional approach and pop in to see the officers who are looking after the town.
Yesterday (Wednesday) a 'drop-in centre' was available to the public at 10am at Warminster Police Station in Station Road and will also be open next Wednesday.
Local police community support officers not only jump in their cars to help the community deal with anti-social behaiviour but have on their agenda a 'community meeting' advertised on their page as part of their consultation work.
This has now changed since the NPT page was set up and it is not used as an ordinary public meeting anymore.
"Commendably the one earmarked for The Barn behind the Mason's Arms is usually now a youthful event showing the other side of the modern work of the local police," says Paul, co-author of
"A visit to the home page of their site reveals that the next one is the first anniversary of the disco offered by 'blues n zuz' for 11 to 16-year-olds.
"They can even meet up with their school chums from the villages as transport is laid on with a timetable published."
Of course, the Blues n Zuz has been running in Marlborough for more than four years. It is named after the police (the blues) and the Azuza nightclub in the town.

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