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Free up space on low use days to help carers

(April 17, 2009)
 WARMINSTER'S 1,500 carers are still waiting for extra help and support as outlined in our vision for older people chapter published last year. 
"The vision that we have been writing is a long term one," says Paul Macdonald, a former town councillor. 
"It has become clear from talking to those affected and using a bit of commonsense that there are some easy short-term measures that could be taken now."
The town council currently runs Dewey House where its staff are based, with a hall available, and the Assembly Hall. Both premises are poorly used for events.
"Until we can gather sufficient support for our long-term plan to make the Assembly Hall a seven-day a week community centre councillors should offer to recognised bona fide groups and agencies free use during the most unused day of the week," argues Paul.
"People like Carers Support at Semington who already make house visits, all the way through to the NHS occupational therapists, should be encouraged to go the extra step to improve access to their services."
Paul visited a well attended one-off event as part of their consultation process (hot topic March 18th) which demonstrated the value of his idea.

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