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Hot snippets: Victoriana/highwaywork/election

(April 19, 2009)
A PIECE of Victoriana is set to make a welcome return to Warminster High Street if a jewellery shop wins permission for the idea.
The Warminster Jeweller wants to install a Victorian style awning to its store and put in a new style hand painted sign.
Not so many years ago the majority of shops on the northern side of the High Street sported awnings.


TOWN residents should prepare themselves for another episode of traffic misery and the diggers and levellers turn their attention to East Street for some more highway work.
The powers that be, however, have decided that the main event, another six months’ worth of slab laying in the Market Place, should be delayed until after the unitary council elections on 4 June.
Any ideas why?


CANDIDATES standing for election to Wiltshire Council have been informed that they can spend up to £800 during the election campaign.
The formula is £600 plus 5p per elector.
The two visionforwarminster candidates will only be spending a tiny fraction of that sum, although they hope to contact every elector in their divisions.

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