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One-way scheme in East St could reveal positives

(April 22, 2009)
ROARDWORKS will once again return to the town centre of a town that has already been subjected to one of the longest running disruptions in living memory.
There are those who remembered when the horse and cart outnumbered the cars that needed 'a man walking in front with a red flag'.
The whimsical comment from an OAP when he saw the latest sign warning that Warminster's East Street is next with traffic being restricted to travelling in only one direction.
"This time let's try to get something positive out of this," says former councillor Paul Macdonald. "I have no doubt the works need to be done but this is a key route especially at certain times of the day.
"Has anyone thought about studying the effect of this one way system as a positive fact-finding effort. Let's get the council to get cracking on this.
"Locals like resident Rod Gillingham and Jed Tryhorn who runs a business in East Street are both arguing for some form of one way system.
"Let's study what happens and work up a scheme from the results."
Roadworks started in the centre of Warminster in July 2007 and will not be finished until December 2009 at the earliest - one year behind schedule.

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