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VFW's environmentally friendly campaign

(April 25, 2009)
THIS website is just about to notch up a fresh milestone in its popularity when it reaches  30,000 page impression.
Our web pages, especially the chapters which are by far the most popular, generally cover three or four sheets of A4 paper when printed out so if we had wished to disseminate this information by conventional means it would mean printing close to 100,000 sheets.
But of course the beauty of the net is that the information is read by people who have sought out this information - whereas 75 per cent of leaflets delivered though the letterbox are regarded as junk and binned.
So to achieve a similar impact we would have needed to print out 400,000 A4 sheets which is 800 reams of paper.
This paper piled up would rise 200 ft into the air.
“Of course there is no way we would have been able to distribute this amount of material but it demonstrates the power of the internet and how it can be an environmentally friendly tool,” said Steve Dancey.
“During the election period, which starts on 28 April, VFW will continue with this environmentally friendly approach and only distribute one main election address in one colour in each ward.
“We would have liked to have produced web-only literature so that we could concentrate on meeting people on the doorstep rather than having our knuckles grazed by almost impenetrable letter boxes.
“However, we realise that there is still a substantial, though diminishing, section of the population without access to the net.
"If you would like to help visionforwarminster during this election contact  [email protected]and leave a message.
"We are not in need of money as we won't be wasting hundreds of pounds on glossy full colour throw-away leaflets telling you how wonderful we are."

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