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We're glad you're standing say residents

(May 03, 2009)

STEVE Dancey spent a couple of hours  out and about this evening gathering  nominations for the elections.

He managed to collect them in record quick time, and almost all on the Portway Estate,  on the doorstep of his Conservative opponent.

He said: "Wherever I went there was some real enthusiasm shown and a desire to stop the Conservatives from regaining the seat which they lost to me in 1989."

“They seem to think that if they put on the right colour in this town they will get in without even getting off their backsides and doing anything,” said one woman I spoke to on the estate.

“I’m really glad that you and Paul are standing this time.”

Of course the new Warminster West seat is radically different in size and has lost large sections such as Manor Gardens, West Parade, Bradley Road etc

During the rest of the campaign we will be stepping up our face to face contact on the doorstep and aim to spend a canvassing session on each major part of our divisions, and even though it is impossible to meet everyone the fact that the ward is smaller makes it more important than ever to meet people on the doorstep.
Promoted and published by Steve Dancey of 21 Newport, Warminster, and Paul Macdonald, of 144 Boreham Field, Warminster.

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