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Strategy needed to get tourists into town

(May 14, 2009)
News that the government have agreed to a new multi-million pound visitor centre at Stonehenge has been challenged by Independent co-authors standing for the Wiltshire council elections in June.
"Nonetheless, the important thing for Warminster already posted on our website many months ago is that the town has a 'can do' attitude to attracting tourists to spend time in the town," explained Paul Macdonald.
"In the vision we have written so far we are calling for a town website that is multi-lingual aimed at those looking for local information..
"We have already mentioned in our hot topics the dire attention to attracting visitors from Stonehenge and Longleat and many other nearby tourism hot-spots.
"We have pointed out the lack of positive advertising in the lay-bys on the by-pass.
"In another section we are calling for the employment by the town council of an economic development officer.
"It would be part of their role to ensure that the town provides a really good option to international visitors to come and enjoy a whole range of events.
"Key to this would be the pursuit of a national archaeology centre based in the town with hands on experience on Salisbury Plain."
The innovative website has already attracted over 1,000 unique visitors and surprisingly fifteen from abroad including the USA.
Their flag counter at the bottom of their home page has daily seen an increasing rate of interest since it was posted on March 15th. 
"If we as two concerned individuals can generate this local, national, and overseas interest then surely a council with the same determination and positive approach with much more resources can give the town a real boost.
"We need a positive can do attitude to this latest news that the investment is going to take place at the world heritage site."

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