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Mounting interest in vision campaign

(May 16, 2009)
IT has been a week of firsts for two residents of Warminster who have dared to challenge the status quo with their innovative website and their determination to take on party politicians for their seats on the local council.
Steve Dancey and Paul Macdonald were accepted as  Independent candidates against nationally registered political parties.
"A big thanks to everyone who has spoken words of support to us," said Paul. "I particularly appreciate those that encouraged me to do this and those who signed my nomination paper.
"I am heartened by the response of the public to our town hall campaign," added Steve.
The two co-authors of took the decision to continue to be completely open about their achievements in the middle of March since they launched the project last September.
"We launched a counter on our home page to show how many people locally are taking an interest in our vision for the next decade," said Paul.
The flagcounter has now registered over 1,000 'hits', another first, with more from abroad, well before the two champions of Warminster expected.
"We are now leafletting but the environment has been the main benefit of our site as by word of mouth and very tiny leaflets we have been asking residents to take an interest. We have listened," said Steve.
Paul and Steve have almost completed a full drop of their wards - another first- with a leaflet before the political paties got started.
"20,000 words available on our website for comment  must be another first for Warminster," added Paul.

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