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Busy weekend of delivery in Warminster West

(May 21, 2009)
 Promoted & published by Steve Dancey, 21 Newport, Warminster,
BA12 8RH   
LOOK out for the main election address for the Warminster West division which is being distributed this weekend.
The task involves shifting 2,000 odd leaflets over three days through sometimes uncooperative and almost impregnable letter boxes.
The address, unlike the expensive centrally produced material from the Lib Dems and Conservatives, is being printed locally and was designed locally.
Inside the leaflet highlights many of the themes we have taken up on visionforwarminster generally and some new ideas about how life could be improved in Warminster West where there is a dearth of community facilities and shops.
"There's also a page called the 'wasted millions' where I have simply pointed where huge sums have been spent to no effect," said Steve.
"In local government jargon speak 'there's been plenty of outputs but no outcomes' or lots of effort which has achieved little.
"The three year dig of Warminster Town Centre has brought the town to its knees and we still have another five months to go.
"What the traffic situation will be like when it is finished I dread to think, although of course it will look pretty.
"I really hope that nobody dies because an ambulance is delayed by the scheme but it may happen.
"Then there's the issue of the Icelandic banks where the Conservatives in Trowbridge risked £12 million and look set to lose at least a million - not forgetting the Lib-Dem clever-dicks who run Somerset County Council risked double that.
"Then there's something called real-time information where a new London Underground style information system was tagged onto bus stops but they have never worked in Warminster or most of the county outside Salisbury.
"Finally there's the dreadful waste of developer's section 106 contributions on ill-thought out cycle schemes.
"There's a dual pedestrian cycle-scheme along Woodcock Road but it is impossible for children to use because it is too congested when they want to use it on the way to school.
"Ironically the work being done in the High Street and Market Place has made that area a virtual no-go zone for cyclists - I'll be making that point to officials in no uncertain terms if I'm elected." 

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