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Action stations at Town Hall on 7 June

(May 23, 2009)

AFTER months of stalemate it seems that there is a realistic chance of something positive being done about the town hall.

The initiative has come not from councillors but from a well-known townsman who had a long career with British Rail which, among many other things, involved finding answers to the pigeon problem at large railway stations.

Now in active retirement George Jolly is planning to harness the power of volunteers to give the sad building a good clean on Sunday 7 June and he is calling for willing volunteers.

George contacted visionforwarminster after hearing about us from a friend and told us about his plans over tea and cakes in Jacqueline’s tea rooms the afternoon.

“This is very welcome news as the sad state of the building has sent out a very unwelcome signal about the town and this will go some way towards negating it,” said Steve Dancey.

“I will be there at 8am to give what help I can and if there are so many volunteers then I’ll take my litter picker for a sweep of the park.”

George is hoping to harness the enthusiasm shown to start off a new environmental group called WETS - Warminster Environmental Team Services - which w ill tackle other community projects.

He says there are plenty of able-bodied people of his age with bags of experience and knowledge which could be put to good use to help improve the town’s environment.

We wholeheartedly agree and will be giving WETS our full support.

Anyone who would like to find out more should contact us leaving a telephone number.
* Jacqueline's had agreed to provide free tea and toast to the volunteers at 10am.

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