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Another busy day for some very sore feet

(May 24, 2009)
ANOTHER blistering day of election address delivery has resulted in around 82 per cent of the Warminster West electoral division being supplied with the ‘Wanted’ election address.
The following areas remain to be done - Ash Walk, Elm Hill, Furnax Lane, Medlicott Ho, Queens Chase, the Oaks, The Woodlands, Westbury Road, Beacon View, Cuckoo’s Nest, Haygrove Close, Princecroft, Saxon Acre, Victoria Road, Woodland Road, Westleigh.

sd2010If you live anywhere else in the Warminster West electoral division (this information is on your poll card) and have not received an election address, and would like one, then please contact us.

Later this week the delivery will focus on Warminster East division where Paul Macdonald is flying the flag for visionforwarminster.

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