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Frome's Raves from the Grave to open town store

(May 25, 2009)

AMID all the doom and gloom there’s a rare piece of good news on the retail front in Warminster.

One of Frome’s best loved shops will be setting up its stall in the town.

Raves from the Grave which is a well-known retailer in Cheap Street (that’s the one with the stream running down the hill) is to open a branch in Weymouth Street.

Raves from the Grave has been trading successfully in the Somerset town for well over a decade providing a vast array of CDs, vinyl, video and DVDs.

“It means that we will again have somewhere to buy records and I certainly wish them well in their venture,” said Steve Dancey, who is a regular visitor to the Frome store.

“It is good news for Warminster.

“My experience of the shop is that if they don’t know where to get something then it isn’t available.”

The store has announced its intention with a notice in the window of the former Wylye Valley dental practice which is currently empty.

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