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Former mayor rushed to Bristol hospital

(May 28, 2009)
A FORMER mayor of Warminster who is standing for election next week in the Wiltshire Council poll was rushed to hospital after collapsing on Tuesday.
Mrs Veronica Burden, who is 66, stepped down from the job of mayor earlier this month after a much praised two year stint in the job.
She is currently being treated in Bristol’s Frenchay Hospital.
“I’m sure everyone in the town will be wishing her a speedy and full recovery,” said Steve Dancey, on hearing the sad news.
Mrs Burden is contesting one of the Westbury divisions on 4 June.
"I understand that Veronica is speaking and determined to continue her lifelong commitment to helping the community and disadvantaged," added Paul Macdonald.
"This is a sign of her character."
 "She made me feel especially welcome at a recent town council meeting.
"We will all be wishing her well on her road to recovery."

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