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Lack of help for silver surfers - voter feedback

(May 29, 2009)
THE local election campaign is being enlivened more and more by two Independent candidates who are not only exciting voters by their legwork delivering leaflets but by knocking on doors and listening.
This time it is would-be 'silver surfers' as residents Antony and Sylvia Martin described after their disappointment with local services.
"I am always prepared to be surprised when talking to residents about how to take the town forward," admitted Paul Macdonald. "This almost caught me out but it is brilliant."
The brief visit to Homeminster House was very thought provoking.
It reinforced the campaigns about litter and the fear of crime provoked by anti-social behaviour,"said Paul.
Posed with the question by Paul  'If I was your councillor what would your pet subject be for me to take up' left the six residents initially speechless.
"Another leaflet bearer." joked Antony to Paul. "You have your work cut out. This could be interesting."
"No! No!" said town librarian Richard Violet. "I am here to to deliver leaflets about the home delivery service."
Paul went off to talk to the manager about the best way to introduce himself to the residents but as he left the scene had heard the librarian being quizzed about the ideas to demolish the library.
"When I came back Antony and Sylvia Martin came up with a very good idea," said Paul.
"They have a lap-top computer and they have been very disappointed with the courses offered locally.
"They are retired from a part of the country that offers a course that shows how to switch their computer on and take the first steps.
"Apparently it is called 'silver surfers', " said Paul. "As the government are encouraging everyone to do things like tax their car on-line we need to find out more."
They explained that all they want at this time is simple advice. They could not find the right course and had demanded their money back.
"I joked that I have impressed my children by being able to use the computer and would be happy to pop round.
"Another good idea from talking to you," said Paul. "I will find out more."

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